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Nephrology is the scientific study of the kidneys, particularly their functions and diseases, and a nephrologist is a physician who specializes in the kidneys. The kidneys remove waste from the body (via urine), filter toxins from the blood and help regulate the concentration of certain elements in the blood. Children whose kidneys have become seriously impaired require immediate and specialized medical care. We offer comprehensive medical services for children with kidney diseases and disorders, from newborns up to 18 years old. We provide complete diagnostic and treatment services for the full range of kidney conditions.


An accurate and speedy diagnosis is critical to developing an effective treatment plan for patients with life-threatening nephrology conditions. We offer comprehensive testing and evaluation of the kidneys to definitively diagnosis any problems, as well as to determine the cause. Pediatric Nephrology Services also provides prenatal evaluation and counseling for families whose unborn children are identified with kidney disease.

Available testing includes:


Pediatric Nephrology Services provides the most advanced treatments available for children with nephrology conditions. Because hospitals can be a frightening place for children, services are delivered within state-of-the-art facilities designed for patient and family comfort, helping to relieve some of the stress of undergoing treatment. Pediatric Nephrology Services also works in partnership with Pediatric Urology Services to offer complete care for children who have complex urologic problems.

In addition, Available treatments include:

Dr. Amit Agrawal is highly skilled in the field of pediatric nephrology. His experienced team collaborates with specialists in another area, such as dialysis and transplantation, to provide a multidisciplinary continuum of care.

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